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About Dr. Franz Yuen

Franz Yuen is founder and President of Franz Yuen Physical Therapy (FYPT).  With over 15 years of experience, Franz has committed himself to developing his knowledge and techniques to enhance his skills as a manual therapist and exercise specialist.  He currently holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Blood Flow Restriction Trainer.

Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Franz spent the majority of his time as a competitive athlete.  He played baseball at the University of where he participated in national tournaments and summer leagues, and garnered league and national honors.  He continued to play baseball professionally in the Frontier League for 2 years.   With his love for sports, he continued his involvement in this field as a coach.  While coaching, Franz learned how much he enjoyed motivating and helping people achieve their athletic and personal aspirations.  It was here that he realized he thoroughly enjoyed motivating and helping children and adolescents achieve their athletic and personal goals and aspirations.   It was through these experiences, as an athlete and coach that enriched his understanding and strengthened his approach to treatments of his patients.   He continues his work in physical therapy with patients of all ages, backgrounds and physical abilities.   Franz uses his experiences as an athlete and a coach as well as his knowledge of principles of physical therapy to provide a thorough, hands on and personalized treatment.

Punahou High School
BA Zoology University of Hawaii
DPT University of North Dakota
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
Owens Recovery BFR certified